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This free email and web service provides news, opinion and analysis of peace, environment (earth) and justice issues. Stay informed with postings often days, weeks and months ahead of the mainstream media, and often never covered in the mass market. You choose the amount of email you want by selecting your issues and regions.

If you are a journalist and wish only to receive occasional news releases or public service announcements, request the Media Only list.

If you only want to know about events in the Victoria or Lower Mainland areas, select the Events Only option for a weekly email calendar.

Go to the subscription form, or send an email to subscribe, or change your subscription.

Subscribers receive a variety of thoughtful items, from international to British Columbia news-- for free. The lists are edited, which ensures that you receive no junk. Or you can simply read the news off the web site, whenever you choose.

Postings that demonstrate the linkages between peace, earth and justice issues are given prominence.

Peace— All peace issues are covered, with a focus on nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction, current and pending wars, creative protest and Canadian matters.

Earth— Energy, climate change, nuclear power/radiation, transportation, marine and atmospheric issues, military, and many other areas.

Justice— Postings focus on human rights, trade, native, poverty, technology, Internet, Americas and South Pacific issues.

Media Only This list is designed for journalists. Subscribers receive only occasional news releases and public service announcements on all three issues. Journalists only receive items relevant to their own geographic region.

Events Only A weekly calendar limited either to Victoria and Islands or Lower Mainland events.

The regions and issues you select determines how much email you will receive. You can adjust the levels individually for each issue.

International— Occasional postings of international interest. (.int)

Canada— For national distribution. Several emails each week, not more than two daily. (.ca)

USA— Occasional emails of special interest to readers in the United States. (.us)

BC— Never more than three daily, and usually less. (.bc)

Vancouver— Occasional emails for subscribers in the Lower Mainland. (.van)

Victoria— Of special interest to Victoria, Vancouver Island and the surrounding islands. (.vic)

There are many news sources. Contributions are welcome from everyone.

Go to the subscription form, or send an email to subscribe, or change your subscription.

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