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Waiting for the Messiah in Jerusalem

October 2000

This painting is of a nuclear explosion over Jerusalem; part of the ART NUKO World Tour. It was painted twenty years ago as warning to all of just how bad things could get if they got out of hand.

It may now be time to bring out the thirty some paintings in the show and travel again to the Middle East. They were last in Amman during the Gulf War and before that in Jerusalem and Cairo during the original intafata.

Please use the image as you see fit, if you feel they are useful and not inflammatory.

If so, credit them to Dr. Arthur Nuko as part of the Art Nuko Show.

I also have postcards of the image, along with Baghdad, Washington, (and jpegs of many of the others) if you are interested in having some sent to you. There would be NO cost to you if you wanted to some to distribute. A box of 1000 would probably cost $20 to ship.

Hoping for peace,

Dr. Arthur Nuko

You can reach Dr. Nuko c/o .


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