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Mobilization Tool Kit -- The Media

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There are many media, and each one has its own unique audience. Organizers succeed when they match their messages to receptive audiences through a variety of media and mediums.

Give your stories rich life and longevity. Tell them one important scene at a time. Show character and be yourself. Keep a phone and email list of your favourite reporters. Keep them informed, but not overly so. The distribution of your news is as important as its content. You could have the perfect story, but if nobody hears about it, too bad. Every time you make a helpful media contact, add her to your list.

Every story will tell about your organization, as well as the current campaign. You are building long-term image with the public with every passing day.

Each of the media have their unique characteristics. You must pitch your stories to them, considering their unique needs.

TV stories must be dramatic. Their success will depend on content, visual richness and sound bite art.

The radio loves a rapidly-developing story, and like TV, craves the sound bite or unusual sound.

Newspapers have something for everyone, every day. Figure out how many places your story fits in, including the news, life, business, editorial, letters, opinion and humour pages.

There's magazines and newsletters for more than every need. Your story fits into a lot of them. Check 'em out. Call up the editor. Add them to your news distribution list.

Email is the thread that binds us. Every person and organization should maintain lists of contacts for a variety of projects and campaigns. I have some tips on how to organize your email address book on the email tool page.

The Web has longevity and searchability, unlike email. There is no more effective and inexpensive way of getting your message out. Every organization deserves a good Web site.

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The Activist Tool Kit is a project inspired by YAEC:

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The Activist Tool Kit was written and built by Al Rycroft of SunshineCommunications.ca.

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