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Mobilization Tool Kit -- PDAs: Personal Digital Assist.

If you can afford one, and will use it, get a pocket computer. Nothing organizes phone numbers, appointments, addresses, to do's, files, whatever, like a pocket computer or electronic organizer. Especially handy if you are mobile, and like to work on the go, after hours, at home or out.

If you prefer paper, I recommend a small pocket calendar, phone book and memo pad. The goal is to do anything, anywhere with your pocket office.

PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants) cost less than $50, and head on up. In 2002, you can get a great pocket computer for $300 Canadian.

Get something that is compatible with your home and work computers. Back it up (connect them) every day. Work with the same information on your desktop computers as well.

You're getting more efficient already, aren't you?


The Activist Tool Kit is a project inspired by YAEC:

Youth Action Effecting Change
yaec@eya.ca     www.yaec.ca
PO Box 34097 Station D Vancouver BC V6J 4M1 CANADA

The Activist Tool Kit was written and built by Al Rycroft of SunshineCommunications.ca.

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