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Future Site of Archives -- On this page, you will be able to search all the published and unpublished articles from the Peace, Earth & Justice News since 1996. Right now, you can read about the project.

Peace News 1996 Archives -- A sample of the news service, covering peace issues from January to June 1996.


The Who's Who of the PEJ News service, with brief bios and contact information for all the volunteer Editors and Contributors, plus a description of the volunteers we still need.


PEJ Festival began in 2002. It features a spectacular evening program of professional musicians volunteering for a great night of thoughtful entertainment, highlighting peace, earth and justice issues. It is held the same evening as the Earth Walk for Global Justice, the last Saturday in April every year.


PEJ Links helps you connect up with a huge variety of peace, earth & justice organizations. There is no better place to begin your search for information or contacts than our Links page. PEJ Links focuses on Victoria & the Islands, but spreads out globally. You will also find link pages for government, media and search/reference resources, a chat room for activists, and more.


The PEJ News service is succinctly described on this page. Our most frequently used news sources are also listed, and the online subscription form can also be found here.

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Use the online subscription form to subscribe, change your subscription options, or opt out. If you prefer, you can also email us with your requests. Want to learn about the many subscription choices PEJ News offers? See the news page.


The extensive Tool Kit for citizens and activists will teach you how to organize, one web page at a time. Take a crash course in how to be active, or learn one step at a time, with entries under: action, communications and policy, organization, solidarity, goals, s trategies and tactics, and volunteers, plus some helpful links. Go ahead, start a campaign with the inspirational Ten Steps for Getting Started. The toolkit is still under construction, and contributions are welcome from others.


PEJ Week occurs every year from April 22 to May 1, Earth Day to May Day. With dozens of calendar entries, organized by scores of local agencies throughout Victoria and the Islands, what has been known as Earth Week is the largest and most diverse set of Earth Day events in Canada, including environmental, peace, cultural and humanitarian activities. Since 1990, PEJ Week has included community clean-ups, media and awareness campaigns, direct action, conferences and public forums, workshops, tree plantings, nature tours, fairs and festivals, ceremonies, launches, legislation, community walks, concerts, arts and crafts exhibitions. Add your event or activity to next year's calendar.

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