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This Activist Tool Kit can help you become a better organizer, one web page at a time. Just pick from the topics below, browse the ideas, and get to work. If you are putting on a training, the Workshop Presentation may also be helpful.

Ten Steps for Getting Started
(Your Next Campaign)

  1. Pick your campaign. Don't be in a hurry either. It is best to discuss in meetings, and also with your friends, family and work colleagues (in other words the inactive, as well as the campaigners). Pick something that is of interest to the public, that you are keen to work on, preferably that your NGO has experience with, and that you can imagine continuing for years, if necessary.

  2. Find your allies, and discuss how to roll out this campaign together.

  3. Plan your campaign before launching. Think about it over the long term (years), and what you can foresee doing over the next 24 months. Build a timeframe, create a slogan, campaign logo and your key messages, and set some goals.

  4. Together make a big launch that will reach as many people as possible in a non-threatening, informative and inspiring way. Make it visual and inviting to the media.

  5. Build your contacts lists, donors and volunteer base. Keep good records of your people, and influencers in your community who are willing to help and speak in favour of the campaign.

  6. Keep your wits about you. Monitor political, social and media developments. Be prepared to jump on opportunities, turn bad news to your favour, and modify your tactics and timing as circumstances indicate. Don't be dogmatic. Roll out your campaign step by step, building momentum over time.

  7. Create a big celebration whenever you have a victory. Winning strengthens your team, attracts new energy, and inspires everyone to the next steps. Announce your next goal and move visibly forward. Don't gloat over the "losers". Find a way that they can win, save face, and join with you. Thank and reward your volunteers and staff again and again.

  8. Always keep your vision on the ultimate goal. Use all your activities to point at it, and also to promote your organization. Consider what your next campaigns will be when this one has succeeded.

  9. Don't lose faith. Some struggles take many years to succeed. We have been fighting against nuclear ships in BC for over 20 years and have not yet succeeded. But we will.

  10. Look after yourself. Many activists tend to be martyr-like in the face of our overwhelming goals and personal need to "change the world". However, collapsing is no good for you, your NGO, or your campaign. Pace yourself. Have fun. Take time out. Let others pick up the slack. If it all depends on you, and you alone, you will never succeed. It takes many people to change the world.


101 things you and your group can do, like a clean-up, rally or teach-in.

Communications & Policy

Build your message. Get heard. Change the world.


Great ideas for getting and staying well organized.


How to work with everybody, and let everybody work with you.

Goals, Strategies & Tactics

Assessing the big picture, focusing your campaigns, and everything in between.


The good, the bad, the beautiful.

Tools Index and Site Map


Communications and Policy



Goals, Strategies and Tactics


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