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The Art of War by Sun Tzu
BC Environmental Network (Vancouver)
Canadian Environmental Network (Ottawa)
Canadian Environmental Youth Capacity Building Project (Ottawa)
Environmental Youth Alliance (Vancouver)
Government & Political Links
IMPACS (Institute for Media, Policy and Civil Society-- Vancouver)
Indymedia Vancouver and Indymedia Victoria
Media Links
NGO Links
Peace, Earth & Justice News and Links (Victoria)
Politicians Links
Reference Links
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Volunteer Canada
Volunteer BC and all the Volunteer Centres across BC
Volunteer Vancouver
Volunteer Victoria
Youth Affecting Environmental Change (Vancouver)

Many of the resources listed here are on the web, because this is where you can find the most comprehensive free materials. If you do not have access to the Internet from your home or NGO, consider purchasing a modem ($100) and internet connection ($10+/month). If this is not possible, public Internet access is provided through most schools, libraries and community centres.

If you have one, visit your local volunteer centre. If not, check out the fantastic online volunteer web resources listed above. In addition, volunteer centres exist to help you find, train and manage your volunteers. They are an incredible asset that any NGO can use.

Stay informed with alternative news sources to see how other activists are thinking and what they are doing. You can do this the edited Peace, Earth & Justice News (, and through the Independent Media Centres in Vancouver ( and Victoria ( There are also a million special magazines, newsletters, email news lists and web sites for every conceivable issue. Plug into them and start your own!

My favourite books on strategy and tactics include the time-tested Art of War, attributed to Sun Tzu and authored centuries ago. I am also very fond of Gene Sharp's three-part series on The Politics of Non-Violent Action, a thorough investigation of 198 political tactics and non-violent strategies, by one of the sharpest minds of our time. Even the list of these tactics is instructive, and can be found at Captain Paul Watson, of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, has written a thoroughly modern guide called Earthforce! An Earth Warrior's Guide to Strategy. I also enjoyed the military classic, Carl von Clausewitz's On War.

My favourite process guide is the Resource Manual for a Living Revolution, (informally known as the Monster Manual) published by New Society Publishers. It is a great guide of techniques for organizations to use such as consensus decision making, meeting organization, etc. It is out of print, but you may be able to pick up a copy at the library, a used book store or through

I have found student and labour organizations, and churches to be tremendously helpful in spreading our word to their constituents, and providing "in kind" contributions like faxing and photocopying. Take a trip to your local campus and union office to explain to them what you are trying to achieve. You just might find yourself an ally with more resources than your own NGO.

Join local, provincial and national networks and coalitions. They are a good source of resources and contacts. Attending their meetings can be frustrating, but the people you meet will make it worth your while. Promote your own campaigns through them.

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