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Global Justice...

Global Justice

It's the mobilization against globalization. We also walk for peace and the environment.

It's the fight against the World Trade Organization (WTO) and other massive free trade deals.

It's the struggle to forgive the third world debt.

The Global Justice movement aims to end international policies that bring poverty, misery, environmental destruction, and wars worldwide.

Globalization allows multinational companies to manufacture in countries with the lowest possible wages and worker's safety standards without any deterrent or penalty, and then sell their products at very high prices in rich countries.

"the biggest enemy is not the corporations or the banks - it is our own willingness to... be cynical, instead of being outrageously vibrant in pursuit of our dreams." - 1998 Speaker Guy Dauncey

Because of the insurmountable debt that the third world has accumulated over twenty years, poorer countries are left with little choice but to join these destructive agreements.

Globalization allows these giant companies to sue national governments for enforcing environmental and health regulations that hurt their profits.

For the sake of trade, social services may be forced to compete with private industry, even in areas like education, health, and water treatment.

Canada may be forced to export its water and other natural resources.

Evidence of the harm from globalization is far-reaching and growing. Please see our links section for an extensive list of sites for more information.

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The FTAA will expand NAFTA into all 34 countries in North, South, and Central America, and the Caribbean, except Cuba. Although its been under negotiation since 1994, few people know about it. The negotiations are secret and the public has no access to the texts of the agreement.

However, through meetings between Public Citizen's Global Trade Watch and the United States Trade Representative's office, and a leaked report from the Negotiating Group on Services written by Sherri M. Stephenson, Deputy Director for Trade with the Organization of America States, private citizens have been able to form some idea of what the texts might contain.

The FTAA intends to increase private businesses' access to services, including health care, education, environmental and water services, energy, and postal services, according to Global Trade Watch. The Trade Representatives' office has also told Trade Watch that the FTAA, like NAFTA, will allow corporations to sue governments for laws that protect public health, safety and the environment.

The FTAA will have universal coverage over the sectors health care, social security, education, environmental protection services, culture, and natural resource protection, according to the Negotiating Group on Services's own documents.

Evidence of the harm from globalization is far-reaching and growing. Please see our links section for an extensive list of sites for more information.

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