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Free Trade and Global Justice Links

Canadian Action Party-Political party that believes Canada is in danger of being annexed by the US due to free trade. Great content.

The Canadian Labour Council-See their views on the WTO, FTAA and MAI.

Coalition to stop the OAS/FTAA

Corporate watch-Free trade watch dogs on the net that highlight Problems With Current U.S. Policy and offer solutions.

Key terms

WTO - World Trade Organization

FTAA - Free Trade Area of the Americas

MAI - Multilateral Agreement on Investment

-Civil Society Network for Public Education in the Americas.

The Defence of Canadian Liberty Committee-Group that monitors the FTAA and is involved with the MAI lawsuit.

FTAA-The official web site.

ICG-Non-profit organization that promotes change toward a healthy society. Includes links on Peace, Women's issues, ecology, and anti-racism organizations.

The MAI Shell Game-An article from the Public Citizen. Provides analysis of the FTAA-what’s wrong and what’s missing.

Other Links

Earth Walk 2000 * Earth Walk 1999 * 1998 * 1996

Earth Week 2000 * 1999 * 1998

Peace * Earth/Environment * Justice

Peace, Earth & Justice Lists * Islands Live

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