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Home - What is this walk all about, anyway?

Walk 2001 - Where and When is this year's Walk? Also, a schedule of events to be updated regularly. Watch for speakers, musicians, tent information, and more! If you'd like to find out about the type of events that we regularly have, be sure to click on the link to that page, as well.

History - The evolution of the Walk, from over the past 20 years. Photographs from local newspapers are included. This page is slower to load, but well worth the wait.

Organizers - See the well-known names behind the walk.

Global Justice - A short introduction to the cause behind this year's walk.

Posters & Media - Download and print these posters to publicize the walk to your community. Also, Public Service Announcements and News Releases for use by the media.

Volunteer - Volunteers are the backbone of this event. Click here to get involved or donate to the Walk. Also, look into the link on regular events, to see where you might want to work!

Links - Want to learn more about global justice, free trade, and the WTO? Your learning starts here!

Search - Most pages offer a keyword search. Go here for a more detailed search.

Site Map - You're already here!

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