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The inspiration and energy of countless volunteers fuel the Walk for Global Justice. From the planning process to the day of the event, people contribute their time and ideas.

To be successful, the Walk For Global Justice needs you. If you can volunteer or make a financial contribution, please contact us. See you on Saturday!

Volunteers Needed

To get involved

Phone: 250.642-5120

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Special Thanks for 2001

Thanks to our many volunteers including the speakers, musicians and sound crew (TBA): Al Rycroft, Angelica Montgomery, Bruce Carron, Daphne Dolhaine, Doug Koch, Fiona Vandale, Freda Knott, Jean Wallace, Jenn Hoffman, Justine Dawson, Kathryn Saunders, Kealey Pringle, Kim Toombs, Laura Hadwin, Laurie Boswall, Lindsay Carlson, Matt Landrie, Miguel Rene MacDonald, Patrick Schreck, Peter Ronald, Robert Moore-Stewart, Roy McFarlane, Selena Blais, Shane Calder, Stephan Jacob, Steve Balyi, Steve Filipovic, Tim Boultbee, Trudy Aldridge, Valerie Elliott, and Valerie Lannon .

Thanks also to British Columbia Government & Services Employees Union (BCGEU), City of Victoria, Inkwell Design, Legislature of British Columbia, Sierra Club of BC, St. John's Ambulance, Victoria City Police, and Western Canada Wilderness Committee .

Apologies to those who have been missed!

Walk For Global Justice

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