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April 22 to May 1, Earth Day to May Day

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Peace, Earth & Justice Week
April 22 to May 1, Earth Day to May Day

This year during Earth Week, it is more important than ever for communities to show alternative models of caring. With wars, accelerating environmental degradation, and abuses of individual and community rights, we must demonstrate our dedication to constructive peace, and respect for the earth and each other.

You and your organization are therefore invited to participate in this year's Peace, Earth & Justice Week on the Islands (formerly Earth Week). We need the participation of as many people and organizations as possible. Register your event or project (for free) and we will advertise it widely for you through the PEJ Week calendar. This year, the entire calendar will be reproduced in athe April 17 edition of Monday Magazine, and widely advertised through other mass media, email and the web.

Dozens of calendar activities are organized by scores of local agencies across Victoria and the Islands, with environmental, peace, cultural and humanitarian themes, making our PEJ Week the largest and most diverse in Canada. In its 14 years, PEJ Week has included community clean-ups, media and awareness campaigns, conferences and public forums, workshops, tree plantings, nature tours, protests, fairs and festivals, ceremonies, launches, legislative initiatives, community walks, concerts, arts and crafts exhibitions.

Peace, Earth & Justice Week showcases a wide diversity of events and concerns starting from Earth Day and continuing to May Day. (April 22 to May 1)

If you or your organization have an event or project you would like in the Victoria & Islands PEJ Week Calendar, please use the form below, or the one online at

Thank you,

Peace, Earth and Justice Week Committee
(Producer - Dan Rubin, Founder - Doug Koch)

Phone: 250.361.1876 Dan Rubin
Web Site and Calendar Registration:
Email: (please use the form below)

Land Mail: (use form)
PEJ Week
Box 8307
Victoria BC V8W 3R9

Free PEJ Week / Earth Week Calendar Listing

Please e-mail this form to or better yet, use the online form at

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Date(s)-- April 22 to May 1 (Earth Day to May Day):



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(Please mail cheques to the Victoria Peace Centre, earmarked "PEJ Week", Box 8307, Victoria BC, V8W 3R9.)

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Peace, Earth & Justice Week
April 22 to May 1, Earth Day to May Day
250.361.1876 Phone

Box 8307, Victoria BC, V8W 3R9, CANADA

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